Friday, December 16, 2016

Ice Crystals in the Air

Team safety meeting last night. The snow was falling fairly steady when we got down there last night around 8 PM.
Craig, Andrew P., Claire, Jeff, Austin, John, Jamie and Kurt were ready to throw down some serious water, but the falling white stuff gave us pause for the cause.
So instead, we monitored the snow, scraped the upper ice with new SNOW PUSHER. They work very well! Especially with a skiff of snow and using the squeegee edge it cleans really nicely.

This weekend is going to be warm and the ice will get used, lace up your skates and give it a try this weekend. We will GO Monday night at 8 PM. Then Thursday we will have our annual ICE GUYS Christmas Cheer. Bring down your favorite Bevy to share and be merry.

I set up the timer last night to go 4-12am.

20 coats and holding.

See you Monday.
Keep the hose on the ice,


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