Sunday, December 29, 2019

Earlier Today...

Busy place today!
I dropped off some repaired shovels I fixed in the shop yesterday.
 Craig took this photo.
John took this photo.
Very popular place.

Hope to have a group of iceguys down later tonight to put down a few coats.

Great group tonight...
Peter, Willem, Ian, Craig and Kurt put down 3 coats on each rink to make a smooth surface for Monday morning.

Upper = 36 coats
Lower = 40 coats

Calgary Flames lost... we listened on the radio. Boooo!

 Peter worked out the best way to lay out the hose. Craig was keen.

 What it looks like at 11:30 pm after 3 coats.

Happy New Year everyone!

Keeping the hose on the ice,

Friday, December 27, 2019

Yesterday's Flood...

A lean, dream team last night.
Bill, Craig and Kurt got after it and scraped and cleaned both rinks yesterday. They put two coats on the upper and three on the lower.
It has been used well over the Christmas break.

Upper = 33 coats
Lower = 37 coats

We are a GO Monday night at 8 pm. See you iceguys there!!!

Monday, December 23, 2019

'Tis the Season...

Keep in mind we started November 20th this year. Ice looks fantastic!

Peter, Craig, Bud, Jamie, Ian, Adrian and Kurt cleared and flooded two coats on each upper and lower.  We will keep an eye on the weather if we need help shoveling snow. Let's see if Thursday is a GO. Might be too warm.

Upper = 31 coats
Lower = 34 coats

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Big Thanks to Nick's Steakhouse and Pizza for giving us the energy to keep flood all night.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Second Last Flood, Before Christmas...

A warm night to flood, but we managed to lay down two coats on each. Light coat and Medium tonight. We turn off the lights after and had to tell a group to come back tomorrow who wanted to skate.
The team tonight; Craig, Bill, Peter, Andrew P., Matt and Kurt. We noticed after the first coat,  and we turned down the volume of water, that some kid put rocks and sticks in the man-hole holes. So the water wasn't draining. We managed to punch the obstructions through with the cane. All good!

Upper = 29 coats
Lower = 32 coats

Keeping the hose on the ice,

Need help on Monday night at 7 pm.!!

Monday, December 16, 2019

Let's go again Thursday Night at 8 pm

Thanks to Craig, Kris, Andrew G., Jeff, Matt, Willem,  and Kurt. They laid down 3 coats on the lower and 2 coats on the upper ice tonight.
Upper = 27 coats
Lower = 30 coats

Jeff is took photos of tonight...
 Third and finish coat on the lower. That's Kurt with his hands in the air.
 That's Craig draining the hose over his right shoulder. Classic draining technique.
 Andrew is at the "Wheel" spooling the hose back in the hose room where it's warm.
One Eye at lower left of photo is Jeff in his yellow headlamp toque.
Willem is feeding the hose into the building for Andrew at the "Wheel". Craig in foreground smiling.

We are trying to figure out the last coat before Christmas and Monday Night the 23rd looks like it is the night. Let's do a Christmas cheer that night.

Keeping the hose on the ice,

Saturday, December 14, 2019

2019 Iceguys BBQ / Flood Fest

A perfect night for it!!!
Craig, Bud, Ian, Peter, Jeff, Kris, Andrew G., Andy, Matt, Adrian, Matthew, and Kurt.

It was really nice to meet the families of the Iceguys. Have a skate and BBQ on a cold -15ÂșC evening. We fired up the BBQ about 6 pm and started flooding around 8:30 pm.
We were able to put down 9 coats on the lower ice and 8 coats on the upper, after getting some help from the skaters.
Upper = 25 coats
Lower = 27 coats

A Big Thanks to Spolumbo's Fine Food and Deli for helping us keep the energy we needed to keep flooding til the wee hours with their great sausages.
Of course we need to stay hydrated and the Village Brewery helped to quench our thirst with their cleansing ales.
Rosemont's ice has never been better and we continue to keep the ice in great shape with all of our great volunteers. Merry Christmas and thanks to a great crew.

Village Brewery and Spolumbo's Fine Food and Deli, helping us stay fed and quenched.

 Dan keeping the ice smooth
 Warming up by the fire

 Keeping the hose on the ice.
Very popular before we had to start flooding.

See you all Monday night,

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Tonight's "SCRAP"...

Got 'R Done Fellas!
Andrew G., Dan, Matt, and Kurt. Got out "Agent Orange", Kurt's blower and cleared and Scraped both surfaces. A couple of teenagers helped us out. Ready for the Flood Fest tomorrow night.

See you there.

Keeping he hose on the ice,

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Monday Night Flood...

Big thanks to a Big crew tonight. Bud (Cameo Appearance), Craig, John, Andrew G., Daniel, Matt (The New Guy), and Kurt. We showed Matt the ropes(well hose) on how we do things. He was able to get the whole package. Shovel, snow blowing, scraping, making the Whoopsie Doodles on the upper ice, flooding, reeling up and draining the hose, and trying some new cleansing ales.

Upper = 17 coats
Lower = 18 coats

Temperature was just right and the fire took the edge off.

Photos from tonight...
 Man of the night; Buddy. Still able to lean of the shovel very well.
 Matt, putting on the spare pair of grippers on his boots. Safety First eh?

 Daniel laying down a nice first coat. Andrew behind him second on the hose.
 Craig gave John his shovel. John is showing everyone how to use it.
 'da team warming by the fire.
 Made a few more Whoopsie Doodles.

 Finished up around 11:15 pm and looking real nice.

Keeping the hose on the ice,


Sunday, December 08, 2019

Weekend Help!...

We had a bit of snow overnight. Thanks to those who helped out today. Kris, cleared the lower, Craig, Jamie, Dan, Adrian, Two New IceGuys... Matt and Blair! They are going to come out tomorrow night and give us a hand and learn more about craft beer.

We put out the nets. Heather Myers, Craig's daughter went scouting for the missing net. She found it by the benches near the baseball diamond. We muscled it back to the ice. We also put the goalies out and locked them to the nets.

Let's flood tomorrow night at 8 pm. Bring some cleaning ALES, we are getting low.

Keeping the hose on the ice,

Saturday, December 07, 2019

Officially Open

After Just 10 days of flooding we have gotten the attention of the public.
Thursday night flood, Kris, Andy, Andrew, and maybe others (No Report) helped to lay down 3 coats on each.

Upper = 15 coats
Lower = 16 coats

I took these shots Friday morning. A bus load of grade 9 students from Ecole Rose Sauvage Schoold, in the Outdoor Education class,  skated under the supervision of teacher Sylvain Riopel. Sylvain and I chatted with Bud about how quickly the ice became skateable.  Sylvain has been coming down with students for the past 4 days. He and the students are very appreciative of all of our hard work.

Need a head count on all who are coming to the BBQ on Friday.

Keeping the hose on the ice,