Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Day Two of First Floods

Great turn out last night and put another HUGE layer on both rinks.
Number of Layers = 2

Thanks to Ian, Craig, Andrew P., Bill (new iceguy), Grant, Jeff and Kurt.

Temperature was -18ÂșC but felt colder.
We took the nozzle off the hose to get some good volume down quick and fill in the low areas. It seemed to work well, and everyone on the shift last night was making suggestions to improve the process. Great work team!

We are organizing our annual Flood Fest for this Friday Dec. 9, around 6:00 PM. Special thanks to Spolumbos and The Village Brewery for helping fuel us IceGuys.

We will start the BBQ around 6 PM and flooding around 7ish. Kids are more than welcome they can help out or watch us. We will have hot dogs for the kids too. The temperature will be perfect for setting a new record of number of layers in one night.
Depending on who you ask. the record is 17 coats on both sheets of ice on a previous Flood Fest.
Make sure you don't have plans for Saturday, cause you will be sleeping in!

Keep the hose on the ice,


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