Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Getting Ready For Skaters

Yesterday, Monday Dec 12, we had a small team in the after noon flood 2 coats. We finished by 4 PM and came back at 8 PM for another 3 coats on each.
Total number of coats = 18 on each.

Here are some photos taken with Bud's camera yesterday... Kurt, Glenn, Andy, Lee, and Kris.

As we walked down to the surface there were skater's marks on both surfaces. The ice is still fairly thin and does need more coats to get ready for the mass public coming out this weekend. So, we are going to go every night this week at 8 PM . Thursday will be the last night at 8 PM. Take the weekend off and flood Monday night at 8 PM. We will put out the nets and goalies Tuesday night next week... gonna need some help with that.

Regular schedule is Monday and Thursday nights at 8 PM. If there is a big dump of snow we will need help to clear and we'll organize a time to do so.

See you tonight at 8 PM

Keep the hose on the ice,