Friday, November 30, 2018

First Flood

Great to finally start making the base. We have learned that letting the packed snow sit for a few days really gives a hard foundation to start from.
Kris, Bill, Williem, Craig, and Kurt put down a coat on each last night.

Kris and Kurt came up with an access to hall plan. Please check your emial.

We are going everynight till we have skateable ice. Around 7 pm each night, ....this weekend and next week looks cold and perfect for flooding.
Come on out if you can make it. Usually takes 3 hours to flood.

 Beer Guy.... Craig!

 Happy 15th Wedding Anniversay to Andrian and Kate!!!
 Nice and Firm packed snow. 
 Kris and Kootney doing quiality control in the background.

 Lead Hoser, Williem.
The Other Beer Guy, Bill

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Finally some snow, but warm weater...

Andy, Jeff and Bill packed the snow this morning at 10 am.
We will get the beer out and slurpie tomorrow night. say 7 PM.
Let's get some water down.