Thursday, October 30, 2014

First Meeting of the 2014 /15 season

Kurt's Pictures & Report Great seeing everyone ( Claire,Kurt, Grant, Ian, Andre, Kris, Bud, John & J.R. ) that could make it last night at the Riverstone. We discussed some business last night as well and we are going to have to get the stakes in the ground and was wondering if Sunday November 2 afternoon (1-2) ish we can pound them in. Let me know if you can help just need three or four of us to get them in. With the new hose this year we have 30 extra feet of length which will help us reach the corners better. If we have enough people Sunday we can test the hose to make sure connections are working. The renovation to the hall has left us without a second door in the mechanical room so we have cored a hole in the concrete to thread the hose threw. I am working on a roller system around the hole to keep the hose from rubbing on the concrete. Just waiting for a steel bracket to be made. Our goalies have taken a beating over the years and the last one we made lasted 3 years, so I am getting to work on making two goalies out of sheet steel. 1/4 inch will be heavy but it will take the punishment from shooters. It will have wood runners that contact the ice so it won’t melt as much. Just like previous years, as soon as we get some cold for a few days in a row then some snow, we will pick a night to pack the base. Grant will have some fun with the 4x4. Pool was started for “Skate-able Ice” this year. Let me know if you want your name in by picking a date and giving me $10.00. DeadLine for entries via email is November 1, 2014. Dates picked last night, November 22 Bud (Paid) November 23 Andre(Paid) November 25 Kurt(Paid) November 26 Ian(Paid) November 28 JR(Paid) December 4 Kris(Paid) December 5 Claire(Paid) December 6 John(Paid) December 10 Grant(Paid) Thanks see you Sunday let me know if the time 1-2pm works,