Thursday, March 16, 2017

Officially Closed...

The warm four days has the ice condition skatable on Monday afternoon, to having a river running through it on Thursday.
Attached are photos taking today showing how the parking lot run-off adds to the destruction of the east end.

We plan to do some improvements to the sidewalk area this fall and this information is good to assess diverting the parking lot water away from flooding the ice. Below is a photo showing water moving in the path of least resistance to our east end.

Looks like Friday March 24th at around 6:30 pm works for most of us to celebrate our efforts and organize the shed, and have some beer and pizza.
So far I have received 6 YES's looking to hear from more of you.


Monday, March 13, 2017

We had a safety meeting tonight...

Above is Jeff's son Oakley on the ice after school today. This is probably the last day of good skating ice of the year! Shinny is a GO tomorrow, but will be soft ice.

Ian and Kurt enjoyed a relaxing pint in the basement tonight conducting the annual safety meeting Monday. We both agree that the season looks to be over now. We would like "a-show-of-hands" for a wrap up party Friday March 24th?
Who is in?

Way to Go Calgary Flames Win over PIT in a shoot out! Play-off are in the future.

Taking the hose off the ice,


Friday, March 10, 2017

Snow Snow Snow...

The snow last night prevented Ian, Craig and Kurt from flooding.
If anyone has some time Saturday AM to help clear, I will bring down my blower to work on making it skatable for the weekend.

This cold flooding weather has prolonged out season so much we are looking to have the wrap up party in April after Spring break.

Keep the hose on the ice,

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

"Let It Ride"...

Keeping the momentum going the second week in March. Last night, Jeff, Kris, Ian, Craig, Austin, Adrian and Kurt poured 3 coats of water on the lower ice.
Total Lower = 57 coats
Total Upper = 55 coats

Grant coached shinny tonight and wanted to thank all of us who showed up last night to get the ice ready for another week of skating. Weather is looking to hold in the "cold" position for the weekend.

Our annual Ice Guys "Wrap-up Party" is not planned yet, but we are thinking soon. A lot of people are going away for Vacation for the Easter break, and we never have ice this late... We could have it This Friday March 10th. Let me know what you think.

Keep the hose on the ice,

Friday, March 03, 2017

Timing is Everything...

Well we are officially into March and it looks like we are going to have more time with our ice!
Last night Claire, Ian, Craig and Kurt threw down two coats (Light and Medium). The temperature was around -3ÂșC.
Total upper = 55 coats
Total lower = 54 coats

It looks like there might be some snow over the weekend. If there is a dump I will ask for volunteers to help out.

We tested out the fire pit to make sure it can handle 5 ft flames...
... it passed.

Keep the hose on the ice,