Saturday, December 10, 2016

Friday Night Flood Fest!

The bone chilling -22ºC didn't hold us back from making ice last night. The Annual Flood Fest was a great success thanks to all the great people that weathered the cold.
People like; Jamie, Craig, Dave, Ian, Mike Morel (from Tuscany), Ben (the new guy that can down to skate, then came back help us), Dennis (didn't really help but loved the sausages), Bud, Russ(Bud's friend), Andy, Glenn, Claire, Grant and Kurt.

Even though it wasn't a record setting night for the number of coats, (some say 17), we layered and built a quality amount of water putting down 8 coats on each.

Coats to date = 13 on each in SIX days!!!!

A big shout out to Spolumbos and Village Brewery for there generous donations in fueling us for the night!

Let's take the weekend off and go again every night we can next week at 8 PM. However... Bud, Kurt, Kris and Andy are down Monday at 2 pm if anyone would like to join us. We go Monday night at 8 PM as well.

Keep the hose on the ice,


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