Thursday, March 07, 2024


 53 coats on the lower now, thanks to Chris, Craig, Jeff, Andrew P., Matthew, and Kurt.

We keep saying this is the last flood, but this might be it.

We showed up at 8 pm and saw some young lads playing 2 on 2. So we let them play as we cut back the banks. Kurt and Craig. Then they volunteered to help scape. 
The young skaters had a great idea, get the nets out of the ice. (Austin above, and Cru below helped to chip out the nets)
Cru is putting his back into it with the chisel. His idea by the way!
It takes a team and a village to keep the ice alive.
Austin and Cru took turns on the WET end of the hose. They are both naturals at 16 years old. Future volunteers.
Cru and Austin leaving for the night after playing and plowing the ice. Thanks guys, your'e the best!

Finished three coats and looking nice for the weekend,

Keeping the hose on the ice,


Tuesday, March 05, 2024

Another Cold Flood

 Lower Only now 50 coats in total. Ready for shinny Tuesday night. AND -19ยบC.

Bill, Chris, Adrian, Craig, Andrew P., and Kurt

Stay warm, even our beverages had to warm up.