Tuesday, February 16, 2016

No Shinny, The Third Week

It is sad and disheartening to see the ice like this with all of our work and efforts this year in keeping the ice in the best shape it has ever been... now melt away.

This Thursday we can get together for a pint and piece of pie as well clean up the yard a bit. Put away shovels and goalies and reflect a bit on the year.
Let me know if this work for you by emailing me availability, say 6:30-7 pm to meet,


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Blame It On The Weather!

It was a great, very short season. This 2015/2016 ice making year seemed to go by so quickly.  After a struggle to get the ice ready before Christmas the ice was as good as it has been in years thanks to all the volunteers:
Andrew G.
Andrew P.
Bud (The silent and invisible one)

Number of Coats this year
Nov.   19
Dec.   31
Jan.    31
Feb.   8

Total = 89

We are going to have to thank ourselves with some beer and pizza soon. As the melting continues I will pick a night and we can put away the gear and have a cheer.
Note for next year equipment wise, we need to get some new snow shovels and light ones that we can keep locked up in the shed for just us.

Big cheers to all of you.


Wednesday, February 03, 2016

It Was Like Military Exercise!!!

The emergency flood tonight was well executed.

Craig emailed me first thing this morning after he studied the weather pattern for this week. He suggested that tonight might be the best and/or only night to get a flood in. He was Right!

After the emergency call-out to the squad of iceguys this morning, I was able to juggle your busy schedules. Some at 7 pm and others at 8 and 9 PM.

Biagio, Craig, Kris and I scraped off the ice at 7 pm. We met DAVE, skater from Huntington Hills, who came down to get a workout on the ice. He helped us after he skated on the lower ice. Meanwhile we were flooding the upper. Thanks Dave.

Craig recruited Conrad, one of the shinny dads on Tuesday night to help out if he could. Conrad, showed up before 8 pm with his cousin to give us a hand. So the 6 of us laid down a coat and talked over a pop while waiting for the H2O to solidify. Then put down the second coat.

Jeff, like clockwork showed up before 9 pm, while just Craig and I at this point. Craig handed the "torch" to Jeff and I putting down a third layer on each.

As if the night couldn't be orchestrated well enough... Ian shows up to put the finishing touch on the last coat. Yes, that is right, 4 coats on each tonight!

Well done everyone. With temperatures barely freezing over night, for the next 7 days, it was great to get this done while we could.

Don't forget the Party Friday night. Bring the kids! Have a skate and a cheers to yourself for the work done!


Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Yesterday's Flood

Great turnout last night!

Kris, Craig, Andrew P., Ian and I washed the sheets with two coats on the upper and three lower.
The upper ice is getting the worst of the warm weather.  We noticed the melting run-off from the north slope is already making the ice turn yellow and thinning.
We were commenting on how much better it is to have the hockey set up on the lower ice. The question was posed as to who's idea was it to move the hockey to the lower ice.....

Of course it was Biagio who for years was the big advocate of migrating the nets south.

The weather doesn't look good for a flood Thursday I'll keep you posted either way but for now I say no go!