Monday, January 30, 2023

Missing One...

Upper = 47 coats

Lower = 53 coats      and only -11ºC overnight

Tonights Flood was sad, as we heard the news about Dave "The Rookie" Anderson passing away suddenly last night.

The team lifted a glass in his honour. Craig, Bill, Andrew G., Peter, Daniel, Kris, Adrian and Kurt. Dave in his own words this year said; "I am not a rookie this year"! Dave started in January 2022 helping out when he could. He then became a steady member of the crew, always helping out when he can. 

Dave Anderson we will miss you!

Dave showing us all up when he brought down his leaf blower to clear the chucks of ice off. in Novemeber 2022.

December 2022

Dave chipping the ruts in the ice November 2022

Dave always had a smile on his face!

Kris is working on the new knee.

Doug the new guy tonight is a natural.

So sad. We raised a glass to Dave Anderson tonight. He will be missed on our team.
If there is anything Dave's family needs we will be there to help. 

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Saturday Morning Clear...

 Big thanks to all that came out to help yesterday morning. Getting out of a nice warm bed and clearing at 9 am on your weekend, great sacrifice!

We all thought that the melting on Thursday then the snow on Friday, combined with the freezing temperatures Saturday... would render the ice bad. But NO. This ice is really good.

Great team work.

Warming up as soon as the sun came out.

Let's give it a good flood Monday night!

Keeping the hose on the ice,


Monday, January 23, 2023

Ready for Shinny Tomorrow...

 Big thanks to the team tonight...   Kris (making his 2023 debut after knee surgery Dec. 6th), Peter, Bill, Jeff, Craig, Andrew G., Adrian and Kurt.

Upper = 44 coats

Lower = 50 coats      and only -11ºC overnight

Cleaning the edges from the Sunday morning snow fall.

The team listening to the OT win for Calgary. (Winning streak of 2 back to back games).

"Koot" (the dog), finding sticks to play with.

The finished coat on the lower ice.

Keeping the hose on the ice,

Ice is Holding Well....

  Upper = 43 coats

Lower = 48 coats      and only -8ºC overnight

This was Thursday night last week!

Kurt here doing the "Duggan" last finished coat on the lower ice.

Monday, January 16, 2023

Monday Warm, but Three Coats on Lower....

 Upper = 41 coats

Lower = 45 coats      and only -9ºC overnight

Jamie, Craig, Andrew P., Bill, Jamie (the new guy) and "Backer" the dog, Jeff, and Kurt. We all worked hard scraping and putting down 3 coats on the lower and two coats on the upper ice tonight.

"Backer" the Golden bundle of energy loved chasing the water stream tonight.

Andrew P., putting down the 40th coat on the upper ice.
Bill laying down a flat second coat tonight, but 44th coat this season on the lower ice.

Third coat on the lower ready for shinny hockey tomorrow. Go Grant Go!
Someone dropped a gripper tonight. I hung it up on the inside of the left shed door for you.

Let's plan on another round of flooding Thursday night at 8 PM.

Keeping the hose on the ice,


Thursday, January 12, 2023

Follow The Weather Network....

 Good thing we were able to lay down coats last night. Craig, Chris, Andrew P., Andrew G., Adrian and Kurt put down 3 coats on the lower/2 upper. Cold enough for a fire that seemed to burn all night. Let's make sure the fire is out when we leave for the evening.

Upper = 39 coats

Lower = 42 coats      and only -13ºC overnight

Tonight is warm at 0ºC maybe -2ºC overnight.

Adrian is waiting for the water. Looking inside there is nothing.

Fire last night.

Three coats always is better. Andrew P., laying down the finished coat

Kurt was down this morning looking at the results.
Fire was still warm with embers, so Kurt showed the kids at Common Digs how to put our a fire. 

Let's regroup Monday night at 8 PM

Keeping the hose on the ice,

Monday, January 09, 2023

Shinny 2023 start Tomorrow...

 Great work team!

Andrew P.,  Andrew G., Bill, Craig, Jamie, John, Adrian, Daniel and Kurt scraped and laid down two coats on each tonight.

Upper = 37 coats

Lower = 39 coats      and only -6ºC

Grant is starting the 2023 shinny program tomorrow night. We put the mats for shinny on the BBQ deck for you tomorrow. There are also pucks in a bucket in the shed.  Ice should be good for you Grant.

Adrian's photography skills after 2 coats tonight.

See you Thursday night at 8 PM.

Keeping the hose on the ice,


Thursday, January 05, 2023


We are all winning. Canada just won the GOLD medal tonight, and we are winning on the ice tonight with two coats on each. 

 Upper = 35 coats

Lower = 37 coats      and only -8ºC

Peter, Craig, Bill, Dave, and Kurt put down a heavy and a medium coat.

Bill on the upper giving the first coat.
Skaters on the lower skating until we drug out the hose.
Shinny Hockey starts next Tuesday, getting it ready Monday will be good with a good crew.
Second coat going down on the lower.
Bill making sure the boys didn't miss a spot on the lower.

Looks like a busy weekend coming up, See you ALL on Monday.

Keeping the hose on the ice,