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Thursday, March 04, 2021

That's It. That's All!...Season is Over.

 Yes, it's a sad time of year for us. Seeing all of our hard work melt away. It was a great season and BIG thanks to all of you this year. Best turn out ever and the most coats in a season.


86 Lower

82 Upper

It has been a while since I made a post on the blog. I can now sit at my computer for 20 min until I need to ice my knee. I have gathered some photos that were taken in my absence...

Warming weather

Let's chat about a Thursday night wrap up party in a couple of weeks. We can share some cleansing ales and meet around the outdoor fire pit.

Keeping the hose on the ice,


Tuesday, February 09, 2021

BBBRRRRRR...Ouch! It's COLD!!!

 Bitter is not even close to describing the felling outside yesterday.

-41ºC (windchill overnight)

But that didn't stop Bill, Craig, Daniel, Austin and Chris from clearing the lower ice yesterday. Bill was the first to brave the -26ºC by venturing out and pulling out the blower yesterday afternoon. He didn't take a selfie, but I'm sure he was covering in frost and slow like these iceguys (below). The team of four managed to keep going and get rid of the concrete residue left over from the blower. (Note: best to scrape immediately after blower for the future) The sun was out yesterday and solidified the snow after the blower tracks.

Anyway, the team was able to clear and hydrate before scrabbling back to the warm nest of their abodes.

"A photo is worth a thousand words"

Keeping the hose on the ice,


Friday, February 05, 2021

Cold and Snowy Didn't Stop Us...

  Coats To DATE:

78 Lower


Temperature -15ºC Overnight

There was a small window of time that it stopped snowing last night and the team took advantage by laying down 2 coats on each sheet.

Craig, Bill, Adrian, Neil, Glen, Chris, Russell, Andrew P., and Alex braved the elements and got it done.

This weekend looks like another dump of snow. So, it might be wise to shovel on Saturday afternoon to keep on top of things. However the temperatures will keep the skaters away so ice should remain smooth.

Smooth second coat and Alex is keeping an eye on the progress.

This shot taken at 11:20 PM after hose was put away and the last group of iceguys inspecting the freezing process. Skaters in the cold of night. WOW!

Keeping the hose on the ice,


Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Wednesday Clearing...

 Great work getting the snow cleared.

Bill, Kris, John, Peter, Craig, and Dillon did an ALL DAY shovel and blow.

Well done you heros.

Thursday night at 8 PM is a GO.

Tuesday, February 02, 2021

February's First Flood...

 Coats To DATE:

76 Lower

72 Upper

Temperature -11ºC 


Adrian, Craig, Kris, Andrew P., Peter, Bill, Daniel and Kootney put down 2 coats on each last night.

Hydrating while the H2O sets up 

Daniel doing the last coat and really laying it on lightly with a feathered technique.

Kootney making sure there are no rabbits on the ice.

Keeping the hose on the ice from home,


Thursday, January 28, 2021

Coats To DATE:

74 Lower

70 Upper

Temperature -13C / light snow.

The team put down 3 coats on each tonight. Big thanks to team; Craig, Kris, Peter, Russell, Bill, Adrian, Andrew P.,  Jamie, Austin (made a "Cameo" appearance tonight. Happy New Year!)

First coat on the upper, Craig dropped the nozzle to get more hose. Meanwhile Kurt turned on the water supply. Craig ran to catch the end, but was too late. We have names for different techniques. The names are usually named after the iceguy that came up with it. This one is called "The Craig". 

Jamie directing a fellow iceguy.
Andre did the finish coat tonight. We will see what it looks like on Friday morning.
Kris has made it down twice, IN A ROW!

Kurt is taken some time off and passing the hose over to the Skipper Craig to keep the H20 flowing on Monday and Thursdays.

H2O on the flow, Craig.

Keeping the hose on the ice,


Monday, January 25, 2021

Records Set Tonight Fellas.....!

Coats To DATE:

71 Lower

67 Upper

Temperature -15ºC (windchill -25ºC)

4 Coats in two hours might be a record set! "Never seen it before in my 15 years of making ice". Kurt says to the mob of volunteers tonight. That's right; It might be another record set tonight with 15 iceguys on the coldest night of the year. (literally) LOL.

Peter, Craig, Kris (Cameo appearance... again), Chris, Jamie, Andrew P., Andy (needs a haircut. Nice to see you.), Alex, Neil, Peter (where are the seal protestors?), John, Dan, Jeff, Adrian, and Kurt.

Kurt doing the finish coat.

Andy has a new LID. 6 months no haircut. At least he can still grow hair.
Peter asks; "Where are the baby seal protestors?"
Dan testing the temperature of the fire. 

The team hydrating after the second coat. All 15 of us for one shot and Covid-19 social distancing. Oops! Did I say 15?

Kurt teaching the last coat method and Alex as second hoser. Kurt cannot hear Craig and his commentary remarks because the nozzle is at his ear.

Might get some snow Wednesday so keep an eye on your emails for a call out to scrape.

Keeping the hose on the ice,