Monday, December 05, 2016

First Flood, The first week of December

It is hard to believe that we have not had cold enough weather to start until Dec. 04, 2016.
Our dedicated team of Rosemont Iceguys swarmed the lightly snow covered grass yesterday in order to get a good base going.
Thanks to Craig, Bud, Andrew, Colin, Ian, Jamie, Andy, Austin and Kurt for running two shifts Sunday afternoon and evening to lay down enough water to create a slurpee base to start this late season.
 Photo shows Ian and Austin flattening the snow by hand instead of being pulled by a truck. In years past we have had much more snow that helped us to quickly pack one night, let it set overnight, and then flood. This year is pressing us to try different approaches to getting the ice up and ready.

Craig discovered by dragging a snow shovel over the freshly made slurpee, knocks down and helps flatten the slurpee and getting the air out.

Colin, the new guy and firefighter, showed us that taking a shovel hand held by two iceguys under the hose, helps to squeeze the air AND water out and down when draining the hose before rolling up hose.  This is much better than our old method of over the shoulder.

We are going every night this week Dec 05-11th to take advantage of the deep freeze.
Keep the hose on the ice,


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