Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

wrap up

Bud,Kurt,Jamie,Keith,Dennis*,Peter, Kris,Grant,Elio*,Bill,Dale*,Ian,Ross*,all showed up to put the equipment away and have some Nick's Pizzas,thanks to Mark,Calgary beer,thanks Doug,Sleeman's beer,thanks Grant.It's was a GREAT SEASON thanks to the above Guys plus Biagio*,Rick,Dave*,Jr,Lloyd* and Andrew,who couldn't make tonight's party.
Season Highlites include; this blog,thanks to Jamie,Kurt doing all he does, as well as hauling in snow at the beginning,the Global T.V. Spot ,metal handles added to shovels,another runway added from upper to lower rink,we had lots of snow this season ,so much the upper rink got narrower, the car seat and shopping card,sausages from Spolumbos,lots of Pizzas From Nicks,and *these new Ice Guys.


Note,Please forward tonight's pictures to Jamie to post,stay tuned for to this blog, for other Community news.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

We're Done

Grant said that Tuesday the ice was ruined,the rinks where like wet sponges.
Kris said that tonight the rinks are toast.So Bud and Mr.K* went down and saw for them selves that we're finished.So we shut off the outside light and had a few beers.A Kid showed up to look and said he thought these where the best rinks in Calgary,he lives in Beddington and skated there allot this year.
So on Sunday the 15 we'll meet at 8 for THE WRAP UP PARTY and put away the nets,goalies etc and have some Nick's pizzas and some Sleemans.

*Was Mr.K, Kris, Keith or Kurt? Buy me a beer and l'll tell you.

Monday, March 02, 2009

February 2009 Attendance

According to reports on this blog,there's what happened, Kurt showed 6 times,Bud and Grant* 5,Keith 4,Kris,Dennis and Jamie 3,Peter,Ian,Elio,Biagio,Lloyd,1.If you don't like these results..don't forget l posted this and didn't put myself number one.
* This Month's Keener.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

-6C The End is Near

Biagio,Ian,Bill,Dennis,Keith,Peter and Bud cleaned and did two coats.Thanks Team.
We are trying to figure out how much longer we have.The rinks are ok so far,but the sun is melting the nets into the ice and last year we where done by March 8th or so ,in 2007 the rinks where done by March 4th.
Hope to see you Thursday, the 5th,it's suppose to be cold and snowing,but that's the Weather report and that's not Rocket,surgery or Brain,science.Check out the Video below,thanks to Peter for posting it.