Thursday, December 31, 2009

canadain ice breaker

I found this on my video cam,is this guy from St.Andrew's Heights ?


Happy New Year IceGuys!!

Well, a new decade is upon us and we have accomplished a lot in such a short time this year.
It has been just over three weeks to get the ice where it is today.

Speaking of today, Bud, Kris, Ian, Peter, Dennis and Kurt came out to put 4 coats on the upper and 2 coats down low.

Bertha helped to clean the lower and was having a hard time keeping up. She needs another oil change.

Thanks to everyone helping out in 2009 and we hope to see you soon in 2010.

Cheers all,

Monday, December 28, 2009

2008 -2009 attendance update

According to my old records for 2008 and Kurt's records for 2009.
After last night, Dec. 30th, Andrew is 0 last year and 3 this year,Biagio 9-6,Bud 15-16*,Dave 1-0,Dennis 4-5,Elio 4-2,Gord 1-0,Grant 6-1,Ian 1-10,Jamie 7-7,Keith 7-8,Kris 7-9,Kurt 14- 15,Peter 11-7,Mike x-2,Dale 7-4,Ross 6-2,Glenn x-5,Neill x-2,David x-1.
* this guy is the WIENER so far.Kurt does do more, but Bud is older.

Hi-lites: late opening,In 2008,we open on Nov. 28 in 2009 on Dec. 12.
New guys, Mike,(Bud), Neill (Kurt ),Glenn and David (Jamie )Bertha was tuned up and repaired.
Thanks; for Pizzas from Nick's , Sausages from Spolumbo's, Water and Pepsi from Biagio, Firewood from John, Beers from ; Andrew, Jamie, Ian, Peter,Kurt and many others including the Community, Snow blowing from Kurt, Bad jokes from Bud.Thanks to Grant for stepping up to coach the shinny hockey, for the community.
You guy's are DE BEST !

Time sheet

For those who like keeping track, here is the current time sheet and records so far.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tonight's Report

It was a Great night - 8 C, Ian, Jamie, Bud, and Jamie's friend David from the Mexican Olympic Hockey Team, see attached picture, cleaned and did two coats.
Kris showed up later to inspect and open the beer room.
Hope to see you Wednesday the 30 th at 9 for the last flood of 2009.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Plans for 2010

What do you think of the new Club House for the ice guys ?

Bud the BIG idea Guy

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Early Christmas Eave Morning

I went down to the ice to get his truck. Paulina came along with her skates and we were the first ones to skate on the multi-coated sheets.

As we got there, Kris showed up to inspect our work from last night ( he was sorry he missed the party). Actually he was going to throw some more H2O down, but when I told him how many coats we put on, he decided to just relax and walk Shade (the dog)..

Here are some shots of the morning.

Cheers all
See you on the ice this weekend.


Picture from the Christmas Party

WE had more Ho's than Tiger. More pictures to come.Good job Men !

Christmas Party

Great to see everyone before Christmas.
Bud, Ian, Keith, Jamie, Peter, Andrew (thanks for the beer), Dennis, Neill, Brad, Julian, and Kurt.
We waited for Kris, but around 1 :30AM we figured he wasn't going to show.

Special thanks to Mark Petros for supplying the great pizzas from Nick's Steak House and Pizza.

The temperature got down to -18ºC as we put 5 coats on the upper and 4 on the lower ice.
Thanks to all and Merry Christmas!!
See you Sunday at 9 PM.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Head Count for Wed.

These people have said they will be at the Ice Guy Christmas Party, but l'm having trouble counting them ..l guess we'll just have to see who shows up.

Bud the Food & Beverage Manager

THANKS to Big "B"

Guys, we have to Thank Biagio, for having Pepsi recognize our Hard work, see the above logo, that's Jamie skating and have you heard the new slogan
l'm giving him one of my free beers on Wed.

Sunday Night's Report

Ian, Jamie, Dennis, Kris, Kurt, Bud plus a return appearance by Andrew, cleaned and did two coats on each rink. Some hockey players helped and did a fine job cleaning the upper rink.
Please let us know if you are coming to our Christmas party on Wed. Dec. 23 ,beer and Pizza will be free, but we want to have enough pizza. Dennis offered to bring his daughter's Easy Bake Oven so we could have some bite size pizzas, but Nick's has step up and offered us two of Calgary Best.
Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Touching story

If this doesn't touch your heart, then you just don't have one.
This is an incrediable story of luck and inspiration.
Can you believe it ? , this guy wins 181 million in the lottery and two days later meets the Love of his Life.

Talk about LUCK !

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bertha Update

Because Kris had me look after getting Bertha repaired ,l took things a step further and had her rebuilt. What do you think ?

Also work done by Pat's Mower center 403 208 6697.

BUD The Idea Guy

Tonight's Report

The Flames beat the L.A. Kings two to one, of course we didn't go to the game because we had to flood, we being Bud, Kris, Keith, Glen and Dale. We cleaned and did two coats on each rink.They are looking good. Please join us Sunday the 20th at 9 p.m. to flood etc.

Also join us Wednesday Dec. 23 at 9 p.m. for the Ice Guys Christmas party.

Monday, December 14, 2009

2 Coats on Each

We were able to scrape and flood putting two coats on each sheet of ice. Kurt was able to blow this afternoon so we could get to flooding.
Bud, Kris Ian and Kurt came out to hit it twice.
It is going to warm up this week, so we are going to start our normal rotation of flooding which is every Thursday and Sunday at 9 PM.

See you all Thursday at 9,


Saturday, December 12, 2009

And this company

We're Open

I walked my dogs down there today at 2.30 it was -27 and there where a dozen teenagers playing hockey, so GOOD JOB MEN !

Let's not forget...the above companies for their support of our Flood Fest.

Friday's Flood Fest

Thanks to everyone that helped at our annual Flood Fest!
We cleared the snow and waited for the snow to stop falling and were able to sneak 4 coats on the upper ice and 3 on the lower.

Thanks to Bud and Glenn for getting the BBQ and food ready for the hungry gang that showed up at 6 PM.

Special thanks to Neill and Brad who helped out. They are from Mount Pleasant and really enjoyed the process.

Sunday at 7 PM should be the start of our regular flooding schedule.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Flood Fest Tomorrow at 6 PM


We need to get organized and committed during the snow removal times. There was just Biagio and Kurt plus Luke (Biagio's son) shoveling and blowing snow tonight. We can discuss further, but it really makes for a back breaker with two clearing snow. It would be best if we knew before hand who is going to make it. A quick email to all iceguys may be all we need.

Bud came to the rescue and the three of us put 1 coat on each rink. Kurt hauled his blower down to get the 5 cm off, while Biagio and Luke shoveled.

We hope to see as many people as we can tomorrow night at 6 Pm. Bud has the food, Glenn is bring down his BBQ. Bring your kids and we can socialize while laying down layers.



Pictures from Last Year

From last years Flood Fest,don't say we don't known how to party.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Roll - Call Update

For those that are keeping track of the past week.
Remember, it has only been a week that we started, Great work everyone!

More Snow, No flood

-11ºC this evening. The snowing during clearing caused us to delay the flooding tonight.

Bud, Peter, Paulina (Kurt's daughter), and Kurt cleared the ice tonight as the snow kept coming down. Kurt brought his blower down with the help of Bud loading into his truck. Bud and Glenn were down earlier today fixing some things, like a new handle on the hose door and new arms for the lounge chairs. Thanks Bud and Glen!!!

Kris and Biagio showed up and we all discussed the netting brackets to protect the new windows from pucks.

So far, Friday Flood Fest with Spolumbo Sausages at Six PM, we have Kurt, Bud, Peter, Glen, Ian, Biagio, Jamie, Kris.

We need more!!!, Haven't heard from Dennis in a while, Grant has been sick.

Tomorrow is a go and we desperately need help clearing the snow.


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

H2O "O" Plenty

Well, we had our first skaters on the rough ice. We noticed skate marks on the upper and the lower ice.

Thanks to Bud, Dale, Ross, Glen, Ian, and Kurt who added 2 coats to the upper and 3 on the lower.

So far we have only Bud, Kurt, Ian, Glen for the Flood Fest on Friday night at 6 PM.

Please email Kurt and Bud if you can make it Friday. Also, Kris needs to give us the keys so we can get the benches out.


Monday, December 07, 2009

Late start in the year, better than ever!

-25 ºC and the gang came to the rescue of our late start this year.
We put two coats on the upper and one generous on the lower tonight starting a 7 PM. So far 10 coats to date, having only started less than a week ago. (Seems longer)

Thanks to Bud, Peter, Ian, Keith, Dale, Kurt and Biagio we have what looks like the starting of a skating area.

We are still running every night a 7 PM for those who want to help out. We discussed a Flood Fest for this Friday night Starting a 7 PM. Please email Kurt and cc. Bud the catering/idea guy no later than Wednesday for a head count.



Sunday, December 06, 2009

Roll Call to date

Let me know if I have missed you on the roll call

Sunday workout

Thanks to all the iceguys that came out today and this evening.
Bud, Kris, Ellio, Jamie, Peter, Dale, Ross, Ian, Glen, Keith, Kurt, Paulina.
There was quite a bit of snow to shovel and blow off. Starting a 12 noon this Sunday and adding a second shift at 7 PM, we all managed to get the snow cleared and put two coats on the upper and a generous on the lower.
Thanks to Glen for the use of his blower on the lower ice. "Big Bertha" will be in the shop to get a tune up.

I am tired and need to go rest...

Saturday, December 05, 2009

"it" happens

A storm has blew in with lots of snow,and cold weather,so ice making is on hold for now.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Tonights Report

After hanging out with Heather Locklear,see attached, Doug and l arrived,to see Kurt,Biagio,Keith & Jamie had done a coat ,with Luke and Mattie supervising. I came back to help and Kris and Brad from Highwood showed up, we did another coat and exchanged ideas with Brad. It's looking good, hope to see you soon.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

First Flood of the Season

Attached is a Christmas Card from Tiger Woods.
Tonight ; Bud,Jamie,Kris,Keith,Kirt,(Kurt's Recruit )Dale,Ross,Biagio,Glen,(Jamie's Recruit )Mike,(Bud's Recruit )and Kurt used the board, pull with Bud's wife Sheila's Jimmy, and added some water,we went 7 to 10.We even had the Fire-pit out, Kurt brought Beers and Bud pick up some pizzas.
We hope to have guys out every night at 7 please join us. We are off to a good start.
I also have to mention, Peter bagged all the leaves we had raked away from the rinks,good job Petro.