Thursday, January 30, 2020

No Flood or Scrape Tonight...

The ice looks great for the amount of people that have been down.
Peter, Jeff, Craig and Kurt spent time watching a guy on skates scrape the upper ice. Temperature overnight will not even freeze so we called it off.

Peter is Off-Camera!!

Keeping the Hose on the ice,


Monday, January 27, 2020

Warm Weather Not Stopping Us...

We managed to apply 3 coats on the lower and two on the upper. WE: Kris, Andrew, Bill, Daniel, Craig, Matt and Kurt were able to give the thirsty sheets some H2O.

We met Russel and his two sons prior to flooding. Russel is a Rosemont Resident.

Kurt is painting in the night sky. Peter Duggan would be proud.

Upper = 48 coats
Lower = 55 coats

Keeping the hose on the ice,


Sunday, January 19, 2020

Warming up in YYC

All this COLD to WARM caused issues on flooding days. We had to flood Sunday night instead of Monday night due to warming trend this week.
Daniel, Ian, Bill, Jeff, Kris, Craig and Kurt were down putting 3 coats on the lower and 2 on the upper.
Upper = 44 coats
Lower = 49 coats

The weather has caused the ground to heave again and preventing us to open the shed doors. Drastic times call for drastic measures and we cut the bottom sill out to allow the doors to open.
Kurt is here in photo removing sill.

We will keep an eye on the weather for Thursday.

Big thanks to everyone that came out. It was nice getting the team back together after the holidays and COLD snap.

Keeping the hose on the ice,


Monday, January 13, 2020


No Flooding Tonigh!

-stay warm.


Sunday, January 12, 2020

Deep Freeze in YYC...

Monday Jan 13th looks very cold. Forecast is -26ºC daytime, and overnight -35ºC. A wee bit cold to flood and be safe about it. Considering to cancel Monday night's scheduled flood.
Stay-Tuned for an update.


Thursday, January 09, 2020

First Time, No Flood....

Great turn out, and just a scrape, BUT it needed it!
Big thanks to Matt, John, Bill, Craig, Adrian and Kurt

No Flood, just scrape...
Upper = 42 coats
Lower = 46 coats

Let's plan to go Monday night at 8 PM!!!

 Matt is showing us his camping skills. Monday night Craig started it with just one match. Matt's method is much faster and Waaaayyyyyyyyyy cooler.

 We found 6 pucks. Grant I put them in the shed on the BBQ tray for Shinny.
 The team. John M. took the great photo.

 Keeping us warm at -19ºC.
 The "Tiger Torch" that Matt brought down.

 Warming up by the fire.

Keeping the hose on the ice,

Monday, January 06, 2020

Ready for Shinny...

Great turn out tonight, Austin, Andrew P., Peter, Bill, Matt, Matthew, Ben and Tristan (Skaters turned IceGuys), Craig, Kris and Kurt.
We scraped, cleaned and put down three coats on each rink. So, January 07 is the official day of shinny for 2020. Grant Parks is our super coach. We will find out how many will register this year!

Upper = 42 coats
Lower = 46 coats

 Craig started the fire without the use of petro chemical products... just one match and wood. Way to boyscout it Craig. Showing us how it's done in the wild.

 Oilers put out the fire with a win over the Toronto Maple Leafs.

See everyone Thursday night at 8 pm for a recovery scrape and flood if weather permits..

Keeping the hose on on the ice,


Thursday, January 02, 2020

Ahhhhh For P*@K Sakes...

What the P*@K?
We drug out the newly repaired snow blower that needed a new CARB, started chewing away at the edges from all the shoveled snow and POW! CLUNK! and P*@K from Kurt. The impeller will not turn now. I will take a look at it in the daylight and see what is going on.  RRRR!

On a great note; Peter Walker and family had a Boxing Day Family Reunion on Dec 26th. Peter took these day shots in the afternoon as his family enjoyed the ice.

 Snow blower found a puck in this snow-bank and stopped throwing snow. We turned to he old fashioned way, with a shovel.

Upper = 39 coats
Lower = 43 coats
Happy New Year Everyone!
Let's a get a group out to help on Monday. Shinny starts Tuesday.

Keeping the hose on the ice,