Monday, October 23, 2023

Falling Leaves, Let I Snow...


The team. Andy, Peter and Kurt here trying to drag the heavy tarp filled with leaves across the field.
Too heavy, the silver tarp was left for the help that never came. We managed to drag it to there. Grant showed up in the end to help drag the rest down to the south side
John was kind to lend us his blower, man that thing works great. Andy brought down the big tarp.
Peter on his blower loading the tarp.

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Skating on March 25th...


Yesterday March 24th, Friday.

Today Saturday March 25th. Skating on the West END.

See you at the Wrap Up Party Fellas.


All Good things...

 ...Must come to an end.

The team headed down to lay down some more H2O, but weather was not cooperating.

Monday, March 06, 2023

Update on Our Progress...

Upper = 54 coats

Lower = 69 coats     -15ºC overnight

Thursday last week; Chris, Kris, Bill, Craig and Peter put down two coats on the lower sheet...

Chris on the wet end reaching for the back corner of the rink.
Bill keeping the hose organized.

SNOW Sunday morning...March 05th: Peter took on the challenge and brought out the blower...

That's Peter on the blower Sunday afternoon after the snow stopped falling.

Tonight Chris, Craig, Bill, Doug, Andrew P., and Kurt were able to lay down two coats on the upper, and three coats on the lower.

Full moon tonight and damp air.
Andrew P. on the second coat.
Well oil team on the backend of the hose.
The nets are now frozen into the ice.

Ready for shinny Tuesday night. Looks like shinny is going to be stretched out in the month of March.

Keeping the hose on the ice,


Monday, February 27, 2023

Keeping the Ice Alive...

   Upper = 52 coats (still alive. Well half alive.)

Lower = 64 coats      and only -11ºC overnight

Big thanks to Dan, Peter and Kris for giving up their time on Saturday to blow the snow off the lower rink.!!!

Great turn out tonight, ...Peter, Adrian, Kris, Craig, Doug, Bill, and Kurt, were able to lay down 3 coats on the lower and 1 on the upper.

Weather looks great for another week and Grant will be happy tomorrow with shinny hockey.

Kurt is waiting for the H2O to come out on the first flood on the lower ice.
Second coat was Peter doing the flooding
Waiting for the water to freeze around the fire. Criag is the fire starter.

Last coat on the lower ice.
Upper is now half the size, but skateable.

Keeping the hose on the ice,

Monday, February 13, 2023

There Was Water At the Hall....

 Upper = 51 coats

Lower = 60 coats      and only -4ºC overnight

Some parts of Rosemont is without water tonight... Most of Roseview Drive tonight. We all managed to put on 2 coats, then a threat of snow prevented us from staying and putting on a 3rd. Us, being; Peter, Chris, Bill, John, Craig and Kurt. After checking the forecast we thought it best to stop at 2 light coats tonight so that at least Grant will have a smoother service for shinny Tuesday.

Burning the leftover wood from the Winter Festival Saturday.
The Calgary Flames with another point tonight as we kept close to the radio.
Peter here, spreading a light coat which ended up being the last on the lower
Grant will be happy tomorrow when he shows up to coach shinny hockey with the kids.

Let's see how the ice holds up this week.

Keeping the hose on the ice,


Saturday, February 11, 2023

Winter Festival...

 A memorable day it was today indeed. This morning was Dave Anderson's (fellow IceGuy) funeral service. Family and friends remember him as a man that loved life, and loved to laugh. We knew him for a short time, and he did love to joke and he alway made time to help out on the ice when he could. The service showed us just how much he did for others, and we as iceguys are grateful that he was able to take time with us when he could, in helping out making and maintaining the ice rinks. Truly a man that will be missed by many.  You can bet he would have been down today to join in this wonderful winter festival.  "See ya Dave"!

The place was a constant buzz of activity and the ice was well used by hundreds of people coming and going. The Rosemont Elementary School in conjunction with our Rosemont Community Association, put on a fantastic winter festival today.

Coloured building bricks and making a fort.
Calgary Police Services were down for a skate and showing off some vehicles in the parking lot.
Matthew in the jersey with his wife and kids enjoying the festival.

At left, Adrian and Craig making sure people had the right hydration levels.
Adrian's youngest daughter (Rossie) is not getting arrest. The dog Cascade is on a leash.

The young Police recruits helped out with their supervisors.
Calgary Fire Fighters kept the truck open for kids to jump in and get a feel behind the wheels of the big rigs.

We will have a lot of work to do on Monday to clean up. Hope to see you all there.
Keeping the hose on the ice,

Wednesday, February 08, 2023

Finally and Just Cold Enough...

Upper = 51 coats

Lower = 58 coats      and only -8ºC overnight

Craig, Adrian, Andrew, Chris and Kurt were able to put three coats on the lower and two on the upper, even though temperatures remain so mild. Yes it is Wednesday night instead of our usual Thursday night, but only because Thursday looks like it will barely freeze. 

Surprisingly, the lower ice is in really good shape. 

Speaking of surprises, Matthew our Rosemont President showed up to check out the ice. He has beed working hard getting things organized for the Winter Festival this Saturday from 1-5 pm. 
Tonights Crew waiting for the first coat to turn solid.
Bill, who couldn't make it tonight, would be proud of the hose layout.
That is not a street light, but the moon tonight.
This is what three coats looks like as we are finishing and reeling up the 300 feet of hose.

Well lets see what Monday night brings us. See you then around 8 PM if you can make it.

Keeping the hose on the ice,


Monday, February 06, 2023

This Afternoon...


Upper Ice is getting the rotten leaf brown sludge.

The lower is holding up quite well. The shade from the trees help a lot.