Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thursday night OFF...

Well Gang,

This is becoming to be a pattern. It will be the second Thursday in a row that we can't flood due to warm weather.
Take the night off, hope to go Monday night at 8 PM


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Message From Grant...

After Monday's flood, Grant lead the shinny program last night and he wanted me to pass on a BIG thank you to us.
He would like to give a shout of thanks for our work. "The ice was excellent"; Grant said, and the 17 kids ranging from the age of six to eight years on in this year's program. This is the youngest group he has ever seen. As well, there are 4 alumni from the program who have joined him as coaches to help out: Danielle, Paulina, Lucas, and Spencer. He said, "It's very rewarding to see former participants giving back to the program. Grant wanted me to share this with you.

It is great to see our hard work paying off in the learning process of the kids. You should all be proud!

Thursday's flood doesn't look good with the increase temperatures over the week. But it's Calgary, so you never know.


Title: "Postcap"  Photographer: Kurt Westergard, copyright ™ 2016

I took advantage of the warm weather and grabbed the camera pointed the truck west. I took this shot near Priddis today.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Great Night for IT!

Well it turned out to be a great night for flooding. Well maybe the only night this week... we'll see.
Last night Ian, Claire, Keith, Biagio, Craig, John and I threw done 3 coats on each sheet.
The weather was just right.

We had to get the blower out to clean up the edges that were piling up from shoveling due to the "civilians" just pushing snow to the edge.  The blower, even as new as it is, might need to get the auger button looked at.  I was down this morning checking out the wires to the button and all looks good. It could be the motor is faulty. Old "Bertha" had a hand crank that worked for 20 years.

See you Thursday if just for a scrape.


Saw this stranger down there this morning.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Take the Night Off!

Forecast is not good for flooding tonight. It will not get below freezing and in fact looks like it will warm up throughout the night.

The ice is in great shape and hopefully the weather doesn't get too warm over the weekend.

Coats to make the ice UPDATE
Nov       19
Dec       31     
Jan        20

Total     70


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Great Turn-out

Well done everyone.

Ian, Jesse, Craig, John, Austin, Dave and I put down two coats on each after a scrape. There were some keen skaters down tonight that stayed till we brought out the hose.

It has been well used over the weekend but in really good shape. The next couple of days are supposed to be warm so Thursday will have to be a strategic flood.

Well done


This photo is hard to make out, but this is Ian putting the last coat on the lower rink in the dark. Kurt was messing around with the timer on the lights and turned the lights OFF. Ian used the moonlight to finish putting down a finish coat... as only a veteran iceguy can in the dark!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Great Night for IT!

The temperature was perfect and getting colder over night.

Ian, Kris, Andrew P., Jeff, John, Craig and I put down 2 coats on the upper and three on the lower.

Ice is in fantastic shape due to our efforts and having fun doing it.

We might be getting some snow over the weekend. If there is a lot of snow, we can get a team out on Sunday afternoon.



Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Shinny Started Tonight!

 The Coaching Staff: Grant(Head Coach), Daniel and Paulina(Assistant Coaches).

Here are some shots of the opening turnout for the Rosemont Shinny Hockey Program.
The ice is perfect!  Thanks everyone.
See you Thursday night at 8 PM.


Monday, January 11, 2016

Ready for Shinny Hockey

Thanks to Ian, John, Craig, Kelly (the new Iceguy), and I. We scraped and put down two coats on the upper and 3 coats on the lower.

As we were "hydrating" our bodies, waiting for the second coat on the lower to freeze, it started to very lightly snow. The air was if powder sugar was being sifted from the clouds. But we managed to put on a final coat on the lower making it ideal for shinny tomorrow night.

I turned the lights OFF tonight so the shinny guy Grant will have to turn them back on.

I meant to take some photos tonight, for I had my camera. In the future, if I don't take a photo, please throw a snowball at me to remind me to take some pics. You see Bud used to take all the photos for the blog and I need to fill the BIG CLOWN shoes that he had on the photography side of things.

Hope to see you Thursday.


Thursday, January 07, 2016

Clear and a Beer

BIG thanks to Kris who came down in the afternoon to blow off the pile of snow.

Austin, Craig, Andrew G., John, and I scraped and then watched the snow fall. TOO BAD...
One of the rarest nights where we had to stand on the sidelines and couldn't flood.
The ice looks really good though.

Update on flooding (upper and lower):
November 19 coats
December 31 coats
January 6 coats

Next time is Monday night at 8 PM. Shinny starts Tuesday night next week.


Happy New Year

Our second flood of the year is tonight and we will have a little extra work since it has been snowing all day!
Bring down your shovel and we can get rid of this quick. If the snow stops by the time we are done shoveling, we can flood. Otherwise it will be just a clear and a beer.

Let me know if anyone has seen this guy!

See you tonight.