Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Nov 29th, 30th & Dec 1st, 2008 Floods are Cancelled

Mother Nature is being a " Mother " and it will be to warm to flood tonight.
Please join us at 9 P.M. Monday Dec 1 st. It's the first day of Winter and is suppose to be Colder .

Nov.2008 compared to Nov. 2007

Based on reports from the Flood, Sweat and Beers blog and this blog, there's how our first month went;
Used "The Board'', Nov.19/08 , Nov.20/07,
First flood Nov.21 /08, Nov .18/07,
Weather warm Nov. 08, Cold and four days of snow Nov. 07,
Flooded 7 days , Nov. 08 , 12 days Nov. 07,
First skating Nov. 27th both 08 and 07,
Nov. 08 Team ; Kurt, Bud, Jamie, Kris, Biago, Keith, Bill, Peter, Elio, Dennis, Grant, Gord, Andrew, Matt and Rick.
Nov. 07 Team ; Kurt, Bud, Jamie, Kris, Keith, Bill, Peter, Ian, Geoff, Grant, and Rick

Saturday, November 29, 2008

St.Andrew's Hockey Game on Nov.29, 2008

What we may need to use, if it ever Snows.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Nov. 28 2008 +4 C now

What a Night, Peter was the opener, he had the lights on and the beer sled filled up, before 9. Bud showed up next , followed by Kurt and Jamie, later Dennis and Kris appeared, Shade, Diamond and Maggie played like dogs, well we worked like dogs putting three coats on the lower and two on the upper rink. Yes l called them Rinks because there where marks from someone skating. Ron Howard and Buster even stopped by for a visit. So it was colder then, below freezing but it is starting to warm up. It will be hot and busy tomorrow and Sunday. So take Saturday off to watch the Flames play Vancouver there at home. We hope to see you Sunday the 30th around 9 P.M. for a fix up flood. The Weather is suppose to get colder and we may even have snow, next week, that's what we need. But we've done well with what we have had to work with, Good Work Team. Happy Birthday to Biago. Remember " Many hands make ICE work."

Bud the fill-in reporter.

Ice Report: Rick Returns, Dennis Debuts

Feels Like: -
Wind: W 31km/h
Wind gusts: 46km/h

Great turn out tonight: Bud (9:00PM), Keith, Rick (nice to see ya), Ellio, Bill, Biagio, Dennis and Kurt. Coats: Two medium on the upper. One light and one medium on the lower. Great to see two new faces tonight, Dennis was "broken-in" by putting the second coat on the upper ice and working the hose like a pro.

We gave a round of applause when we saw Rick show up with a backpack "packing-it". For those that don't know, Rick and family are packing-it to the island of BC. Rick will be leaving next Saturday morning driving solo with the family to follow. We are all going to miss him. But if he feels home sick and wants to find out what we are doing, he can click on the Blog to find out how we are all doing.

We investigated the lower ice, which is coming along nicely, Keith reveal skate marks. Yes, November 27th and someone was skating on the fresh sheet. It might be a record!! Bud would know. Flood Fest has been moved one week to Dec. 5th, Friday. It is just too warm to make it worth while and next Friday is looking to be a lot colder during the day and night. Thanks for all the help tonight. See you tomorrow at 9 PM.

The Rink Writer,Kurt

Flood Fest Now Slated For Next Weekend

Hello All,

With sadness and disappointed we have decided to postpone the Flood
Fest until next weekend. The weather is just too warm to make the effort worthwhile. So, we will still flood tomorrow night however at 9 PM. Try to put a couple of coats on. Please visit the Blog for the latest from tonight's flood.

The Rink Writer,

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rink Progress - Slowly, But Surely

Here are some photos taken by Elio, a rookie Ice Guy and solid early season Calder Cup candidate.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ice Report: 3 Days Before Flood Fest


Feels Like: -
Wind: 0km/h
Sunrise: 8:11
Sunset: 16:35
Relative Humidity: 79%
Pressure: 102.50 kPa
Visibility: 24.0 km
Ceiling: unlimited

Head count tonight: Bud, Kris, Peter, Jamie, Kurt. Ellio and his 7 year old son Jacob stopped by after Jacob's hockey practise at an indoor rink. Jacob took the hose and help put some water on the ground.

Coats: 3 light/medium on the upper. 2 light coats on the lower.

The lower sheet is going to be ready for the weekend. We'll have to do some repairing on Sunday from all the skating over the weekend.

All the more reason to have the Flood Fest on Friday night in order to prepare for the traffic over the weekend. Last call for Flood Fest attendees is tomorrow. So far the following are coming:
Bud, Kris, Keith, Kurt, Jamie, Peter, Biagio, Ellio. If you are not on the list and are going to attend, please email Kurt to update the amount of buns to buy for the lobster/burgers.

Some shots of the guys with the hose on the ice;

Ice Report: 4 Days Before Flood Fest

Bummer it didn't snow, overnight, we need it, to make the base . Weather for today 3 during the day, overnight -6 , Thursday 4 , overnight -5, Friday FLOOD FEST, 5 overnight -2, people will be skating this weekend because Saturday it suppose to be 7, overnight 0 and Sunday 7 ,overnight 2. Ouch.. but last night the Flames 6 Kings 2 thanks Kurt for bringing your radio ,so we could listen to some of that game.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This year so far compared to 07 & 06 Seasons

Here's a Summary to Nov. 25, 2008 taken from some info.gather from this blog and Andrew's blog.

08 /09 Season
Ice Guys; ( that have been at a flooding so far )
Andrew, Biago, Bill, Grant, Jamie, Kris, Keith, Kurt, Peter, Gord, Dave, Ellio, Bud.

Nov ? /08 Jamie starts this blog
Nov 20 / First Flood

07 / 08 Season
Ice Guys; Bud, Kurt, Peter, Bill, Rick, Andrew, Jamie, Kris, Ian, Geoff, Keith,Jr, Grant, Puiu the Romania.

Nov18/ 07 Started Flooding
Nov 21 Kris used the Board, Rick Surfed
Nov 25 Jamie got nicknamed K-2
Nov 27 Kids Skating
Nov 30 First Flood Fest 7 to 11 Seven guys = seven coats
Dec 3 Blog named " Blood ,Sweat and Beers "
Dec 5 Jamie's Picture in the Calgary Sun , Bud introducts goalie "Chipper Sawdust "
Dec 11 Kurt introductes his goalie " Grant Fir "
Dec 20 First Ice Guy Christmas Party
Feb 29 /08 Blog finished

06 /07 Season
Ice Guys; Bud, Kris,Kurt, Peter, Jamie, Rick, Keith,Geoff, Grant, Andrew, Jr and Tim (only once for Beer and Pizza )

Nov 5 /06 Had whaleback removed
Nov 23 used Board to pack snow
Nov 28 Kid's Skating Nov 29 Record start both rinks in
Feb / 07 had most snow on record
Mar 2 season over From Nov 28 / 06 to Mar 4 /07 had 97 skating days
Hope 2 c u all at de rinks this week and at Flood Fest this Friday, but we need a head count, so Kurt and l can get enough supplies.Let us know. Thanks Bud
I'm In ?? Bud

Ice Report: 4 Days Before Flood Fest

Feels Like: -
Wind: NW 28km/h
Sunrise: 8:09
Sunset: 16:36
Relative Humidity: 39%
Pressure: 101.18 kPa 
Visibility: 24.0 km
Ceiling: 24000 ft

Iceguys on the hose tonight were;
Bud, Peter, Jamie, Biagio, and Kurt
We put on one coat only due to the warm weather. To help keep the base Kurt loaded up the truck again with a load of snow to throw down. The forecast is calling for snow overnight which will help the upper rink. The lower is coming up quite nicely and should be "skateable" on the weekend after the Flood Fest.

Speaking of Flood Fest Please RSVP me as soon as possible before Thursday night.
Committed so far are;
Bud, Peter, Jamie, Kris, Keith, Ellio, Biagio(maybe, cause his birthday is that day) and Kurt

The Rink Writer,
Ice Report: Balmy Temperature Hampers Progress

7°C A few clouds
Feels Like: -
Wind: W 20km/h
Sunrise: 8:08
Sunset: 16:37
Relative Humidity: 33%
Pressure: 101.45 kPa
Visibility: 24.0 kmCeiling: unlimited

The line-up tonight was Bud, Ellio, Keith, Kris and Kurt. Kurt brought his truck down to put Bud's idea into action. The "idea-guy" had a good one - fill the truck up with snow from the field and spread in around the rink to make a slushy base. Of course the "idea guy" was conveniently late to help throw the white sh*t, stuff around. We'll try this again tomorrow, too warm tonight - barely cold enough to see your breath. One medium coat on the upper, one light coat on the lower. We fired up the snow blower to burn off the carbon accumulated over the summer and to refresh our memories in getting the unit running.

We will try it again tomorrow at 8 PM and the same all week. Please RSVP Bud and cc Kurt if you are able to make the Flood Fest. (The Fire & Ice Girls have been booked for this event.) We need a head count to find out how many steaks and lobsters to buy. Just a reminder, Friday's Fest will get underway at 7:00 PM. Feel free to show up when you can, we would like to throw down as many coats as possible (Weather is a big factor this year).

Cheers,Your rink-writer - Kurt

Monday, November 24, 2008

Ice Report: Grey Cup Sunday edition

A few clouds
Feels Like: -7
Wind: S 11km/h
Sunrise: 8:08
Sunset: 16:37
Relative Humidity: 74%
Pressure: 102.13 kPa
Visibility: 24.0 kmCeiling: unlimited

Thanks for all the help tonight!

Bud, Jamie, Kris, Grant, Keith, Bill, Biagio, Elliot, and Kurt who were down to throw some H2O on the ground. We did one heavy coat, followed by a light coat on the lower rink. The upper sheet got 3 light to medium coats. During the freezing process, we discussed the strategy to get the ice in skating form.

So, this week if we can get as many "Iceguys" down as possible to help it would be really give us a head start. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday we are going to be down at 8:00 PM to flood.

FRIDAY !!!FLOOD FEST 2008 is on. This is the night we start at 7:00 PM and try to put as many coats on as we can. Last year, (Bud reminded us), We put on 7 coats, both sheets. We had 7 "Iceguys" doing shift work on Nov. 30th. The more "Iceguys" we have this year the more coats we can put on.

We will have food available to keep the energy up that will go into the early hours of Saturday morning. During the next few days, please let us know if you can make it Friday for the FEST so we can make sure we have enough food.

See you at 8 PM every night this week!!

P.S. Congrats to Stamps for the winning the Grey Cup.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's Starting To Resemble A Rink

Temperature: -3ºC
Feels Like: -6°
Humidity: 83%
Dewpoint: -4°Wind:
SSW 10 km/h
Sunrise: 8:03 am
Sunset: 4:40 pm
Barometer: 1011 mb and falling

Well done guys!! It was looking like the flood might not be so good based on the forecast for the evening, but the temperature dropped below 0ºC and was just enough for the flood to really be productive. Kurt and Paulina got the hose out around 7 PM as the Friday night "Patrol" showed up on schedule at 7:30: Buddy, Peter, Andrew, Jamie (a.k.a. K2), Biagio. Kris came burning into the parking lot sideways with the Ford Explorer eager to flood, after his evening of hockey with his daughter around 8:30.

We were all able to lay down three coats of water getting a great base of ice for the two sheets, rapping up around 10:15 PM. Tomorrow night's flood would help for sure. If you can come on down that would be great, but we'll keep an eye on the temperature.

It looks like Sunday at 8 PM for the next flood. So, if you take a small nap after the Grey Cup we would appreciate the helping hands for a third night of flooding so far. We would like to see Rick down for a couple of nights before he moves to the nice coastal waters of BC's Victoria. Thanks for all the help tonight, Kurt

Friday, November 21, 2008

Report First flood of 08/09 season - Thursday Nov. 20

Temp -5 with Wind Chill -11

Tonight we worked 7.30 to 9 we had: Bud, Keith, Jamie, Grant, Bill,Gord, Andrew,and Jamie, Kurt didn't show as usual. Kris had been down Wednesday and did a GREAT JOB, flatting both rinks out with the board. We added a light coats to both rinks.

Please join us Friday Nov 21 starting at 7.30 or come whenever you can, we hope to do acouple of coats , as long as it's cold over night it will freeze. I'm away Saturday but I'll have Kurt, if he shows up, take over the book keeping, so may tuned for this weekends plan.

Thanks for your support Remember "lot's of hands, makes ice work "

See blog info from Jamie below , Contact him at Bud the Book Keeper, because Kurt didn't show..right guys ? The blog is live at:

Feel free to let the rest of the team know about it. I can set up others so they can post to it directly. I just need their email addresses and their permission to submit their addresses to Google (where the blog is hosted) so they can be set up as bloggers.

Of course, if you showed up,to flood , tonight ,you know Kurt did as well, there's the pictures of him, to prove it.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hot new band

This band rocks! We should book them for the Flood Fest.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

to the TEAM. 1st Ice report of 2008/09 season Nov.2nd recruitment meeting. In attendance: Kurt, Keith, Jamie, Grant, Bill, Bud and new recruits: Gord, Biagio, Matt and Dennis.Dennis brought his lap top and show us the Tim Horton's Way to make ice. Funny! We covered the bases, had some Pizza, thanks to Nick's some Calgary Beer thanks Doug and lots of laughs. Kurt and Bud show off their new head gear you might say they where " light headed ". We are pumped, let it snow, because we are good to go. Looking forward to our Best year yet. Bud the other Book Keeper

Also We had some beer left over for next time.