Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Ice, Ice, Baby...

 We did a little maintenance to the ice tonight by scraping and chipping the high spots.

Upper = 9 coats

Lower = 10 coats

Bill, Kris, Dave, Jeff, and Kurt put down two coats on each tonight. Weather is look bad for us fellas. Tomorrow night and Thursday is a GO for 7 pm, but Friday and the weekend looks to be too warm to flood. Overnight temps -3 and -1 on the weekend. Lets take some time off this weekend.

Fellow Rosemontonian, and his three kids out for a skate before we flooded. He has a one year old at home as well so, I didn't want suggest joining the iceguys for obvious reasons.
Ice Archeology tonight. There was a truck here previously. (chipping the high spots off)
Dave shown here assuming the "City of Calgary position" taking a break from the chipping.
First coat on the lower ice with nozzle blasting off the loose bits.

Kurt on the wet end while hydrating.

Assuming the iceguys position between coats.

Let's go again Tomorrow, Wednesday.

Keeping the hose on the ice,

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