Tuesday, November 08, 2022

First Flood 2022-23 Season

Great turnout tonight for the first flood of the season. 

This afternoon, Peter and Kurt packed the rinks and the sun helped to make the packing hard. We started at 7 pm and finished around 10, but only managed to get the lower done. Tomorrow night at 7 pm to get the upper and maybe squeeze another on the lower.


Andy here making sure the shovel is City of Calgary compliant, with the proper gloves under the chin and 40% lean weight on the shovel.
Jeff on the left, realizing that this is his first "first" flood ever. Dave on the right, mentioning to us that he is no longer a rookie this year!
Jamie, the new IceGuy, showed up walking a dog in the park and warming up by the fire. Hope to see you again Jamie. 
Chris is on the lead, making a slurpie to start the process.

Peter making the "Rosemont 500 lap" track on the upper ice. Packing and letting the sun firm up the snow.
Kids enjoying the sunny day after the storm.

Night one, Dave, Chris, Andy, Craig and Kurt.

We are going every night at 7 pm if you can make it. See you then.

Keeping the hose on the ice,


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