Friday, December 12, 2008

cold and snowing - 14 C

Kris had already been down and changed the plug in Bertha , cleaned most of the upper rink and left us some beer. Thanks . Kurt and Bud went down at 7 got Bertha out and cleaned all of the upper and the whoopez-doodles and later Kurt's ,Dave's and Dale's Family showed up to skate. Dale , Ross and Dave helped get 2/3 of the lower rink cleared before Bertha quit . So we had a beer break around the firepit while some Hockey Players recleaned the upper rink and played a game. Bud's wife Sheila had warmed up the last of the Spolumbo's and boy they tasted good ! It wasn't all that cold and the teenagers sure look like they had a great game going . Sorry the rest of you missed out on a great night.

The next Clean and Flood is Sunday at 9.

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