Thursday, December 18, 2008

-25C and no wind

A cold night, but well worth the effort. Kurt, Keith, Lloyd, Peter and Bertha cleaned both rinks and managed to get 3 good coats on the upper. Each coat was set up before we could finish a beverage if you can believe that. Just for fun, we got out the buffer and put on the finishing touches, now it's like glass. We even managed to get a picture as you can see here, ignore the fact that it looks like daylight hours, that's just a fancy camera trick. Good work men !
Don't forget, Bud's making us pizza this Sunday Dec 21 at 7 PM at the hall. We have 2 fine sheets of ice thanks to all the ice guys, hope to see everyone out to celebrate our hard work and the holiday season.
After that, we're in maintenance mode which means we clean and flood every Thursday and Sunday starting at 9 PM.
Oh yeah, Bud and the girls came by tonight to say hi and order me to write the ice report. Too bad he couldn't stay, he had family stuff to do at home, good on him.

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