Thursday, December 11, 2008

Check this out ! +2c

We have a sponsor..look at the guys in their new Snowsuits..very formal ,we'll model them soon. Tonight Jamie * ,Bill , Biagio * , Kurt , Kris and Bud * cleaned, fixed the nets and did three coats. Plus they had some Bohemian Lager Beer thanks to Doug , Bud's boot legger. Earlier Doug and Bud checked out the Banff Trail rink and met Lyle and his dog Wiley , hard working guy ,they only have two ice guys , later they saw St. Andrews , it's coming but a few weeks behind us , Brair Hill has ice and had Kids Skating . Good on Them , we know because we have been working hard on our rinks . Thanks to the Team ! * These men when Home early because they weren't feeling well , there's a s'ice'kness going around , that 'ice'ness has effect allot of our troops . Hope everyone feels better soon .

Please Join us Friday for a Firepit , Funtime and Cleaning ,it's going to be cold ,so wear your snowsuits, bet they aren't as nice as ours , l'll reveal the sponsor later.

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