Thursday, December 04, 2008

clear +3 C

Doug and I were down at 7 P.M. dropping off the shovels , that l had had repaired. At that time there where guys skating on the lower rink in the dark so l turned the lights on and pull out my Goalie, "Chipper ". As l was leaving some girls asked me where the benches where so l brought a blue bench out. Then Doug and l when walking and checked out , the Banff Trail Rink , they had a little ice and had their hose running , it's not ready yet , but closer then the others that Peter and l saw . I walked back down around 8.30 and saw Peter , Biago , Elio , and Keith flooding, they had already put a coat on both rinks and where taking a break. It was warm out but the first coat froze so they had another and finished up around 10 .

Hope you can help Tomorrow morning with the Global T.V. spot , meet before 10 A.M. dressed to flood. Pamila Anderson plays one of the ice girls. I just added that to see if you even read my reports.

The Flood Fest is a go , we start at 7 P.M and do what we can , l've line up some supplies and we need have the rinks ready for the weekend.


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