Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Clear Sky -7 C

At 7.30 P.M. Jamie, Dale, Ross and Kris started flooding , doing two coats on each rink , Bud show up at 9 and help with the third coat . People had been skating and they had to kick them off to flood . Kris put a Goalie Net out by the lower rink , it's the best so far but the North upper rink is taking shape . After we finish a couple of guys showed up to skate , but we told them no , because we had just flooded.

Please join us Thursday Dec 4th at 8.30 P.m. for flooding.

Note we need people the morning on Friday Dec. 5th to shoot a bit with Gil Tucker of Global T.V. please show up before 10 A.M. dressed to flood.

Stay tuned to this blog for Reports and Notices.

Bud the book keeper

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