Friday, November 21, 2008

Report First flood of 08/09 season - Thursday Nov. 20

Temp -5 with Wind Chill -11

Tonight we worked 7.30 to 9 we had: Bud, Keith, Jamie, Grant, Bill,Gord, Andrew,and Jamie, Kurt didn't show as usual. Kris had been down Wednesday and did a GREAT JOB, flatting both rinks out with the board. We added a light coats to both rinks.

Please join us Friday Nov 21 starting at 7.30 or come whenever you can, we hope to do acouple of coats , as long as it's cold over night it will freeze. I'm away Saturday but I'll have Kurt, if he shows up, take over the book keeping, so may tuned for this weekends plan.

Thanks for your support Remember "lot's of hands, makes ice work "

See blog info from Jamie below , Contact him at Bud the Book Keeper, because Kurt didn't show..right guys ? The blog is live at:

Feel free to let the rest of the team know about it. I can set up others so they can post to it directly. I just need their email addresses and their permission to submit their addresses to Google (where the blog is hosted) so they can be set up as bloggers.

Of course, if you showed up,to flood , tonight ,you know Kurt did as well, there's the pictures of him, to prove it.