Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ice Report: Balmy Temperature Hampers Progress

7°C A few clouds
Feels Like: -
Wind: W 20km/h
Sunrise: 8:08
Sunset: 16:37
Relative Humidity: 33%
Pressure: 101.45 kPa
Visibility: 24.0 kmCeiling: unlimited

The line-up tonight was Bud, Ellio, Keith, Kris and Kurt. Kurt brought his truck down to put Bud's idea into action. The "idea-guy" had a good one - fill the truck up with snow from the field and spread in around the rink to make a slushy base. Of course the "idea guy" was conveniently late to help throw the white sh*t, stuff around. We'll try this again tomorrow, too warm tonight - barely cold enough to see your breath. One medium coat on the upper, one light coat on the lower. We fired up the snow blower to burn off the carbon accumulated over the summer and to refresh our memories in getting the unit running.

We will try it again tomorrow at 8 PM and the same all week. Please RSVP Bud and cc Kurt if you are able to make the Flood Fest. (The Fire & Ice Girls have been booked for this event.) We need a head count to find out how many steaks and lobsters to buy. Just a reminder, Friday's Fest will get underway at 7:00 PM. Feel free to show up when you can, we would like to throw down as many coats as possible (Weather is a big factor this year).

Cheers,Your rink-writer - Kurt

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