Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Nov. 28 2008 +4 C now

What a Night, Peter was the opener, he had the lights on and the beer sled filled up, before 9. Bud showed up next , followed by Kurt and Jamie, later Dennis and Kris appeared, Shade, Diamond and Maggie played like dogs, well we worked like dogs putting three coats on the lower and two on the upper rink. Yes l called them Rinks because there where marks from someone skating. Ron Howard and Buster even stopped by for a visit. So it was colder then, below freezing but it is starting to warm up. It will be hot and busy tomorrow and Sunday. So take Saturday off to watch the Flames play Vancouver there at home. We hope to see you Sunday the 30th around 9 P.M. for a fix up flood. The Weather is suppose to get colder and we may even have snow, next week, that's what we need. But we've done well with what we have had to work with, Good Work Team. Happy Birthday to Biago. Remember " Many hands make ICE work."

Bud the fill-in reporter.

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