Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's Starting To Resemble A Rink

Temperature: -3ºC
Feels Like: -6°
Humidity: 83%
Dewpoint: -4°Wind:
SSW 10 km/h
Sunrise: 8:03 am
Sunset: 4:40 pm
Barometer: 1011 mb and falling

Well done guys!! It was looking like the flood might not be so good based on the forecast for the evening, but the temperature dropped below 0ºC and was just enough for the flood to really be productive. Kurt and Paulina got the hose out around 7 PM as the Friday night "Patrol" showed up on schedule at 7:30: Buddy, Peter, Andrew, Jamie (a.k.a. K2), Biagio. Kris came burning into the parking lot sideways with the Ford Explorer eager to flood, after his evening of hockey with his daughter around 8:30.

We were all able to lay down three coats of water getting a great base of ice for the two sheets, rapping up around 10:15 PM. Tomorrow night's flood would help for sure. If you can come on down that would be great, but we'll keep an eye on the temperature.

It looks like Sunday at 8 PM for the next flood. So, if you take a small nap after the Grey Cup we would appreciate the helping hands for a third night of flooding so far. We would like to see Rick down for a couple of nights before he moves to the nice coastal waters of BC's Victoria. Thanks for all the help tonight, Kurt

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