Thursday, December 29, 2022

Last Flood of the Year!

Upper = 30 Coats

Lower = 32 Coats


Great crew out tonight Bill, Peter, Craig, Jamie, Jeff,  Andrew P., and Kurt.

Three coats on each after a busy Christmas weekend. Sadly a new shovel has gone missing :( hopefully it is covered in snow and we can find it in the Spring.

Kurt finishing off the lower.
Andrew Starting the upper first coat.
Bill is the man. LOOK at his hose gathering layout. Textbook Bill.
Peter on the wet end, adjusting the flow for the lower.
The crew discussing ways to burn off all the calories consumed over the holidays.
It's a beautiful sight.

Happy New Year everyone!

Keeping the hose on the ice,



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Anonymous said...

Hi Rosemont Ice Guys (aka community building heros)!
My 8 year old son lost his brand new ski helmet at the rink after a skate yesterday afternoon. We left the rink at 4:40 PM Dec. 30. It wasn’t there when we went back to check this morning. Any chance that you saw it? It is a bright blue POC ski helmet. Keeping our fingers crossed!