Monday, December 19, 2022

Cancelled Tonight's Scrape Due to Cold Weather...

 You would want to be a "brass monkey" tonight!

Temperature -31ºC, minus 41 with windchill.

Let's keep an eye on weather this week. Looks cold all week.

Kurt went down to gather up the shovels left around the rinks. No one in parking lot. Way to cold to skate. Stay warm fellas!

Keeping the shovels off the ice,



The phrase;  "It's so cold that it will freeze the balls off a brass monkey". 

Refers to the ships at sea that shot canon balls (Like a pirate ship), they would pile the balls on the decks in a pyramid shape. The balls would be held by a brass triangle plate screwed to the deck. Plate was called a monkey. Problem was, in the cold, the brass monkey would shrink and the balls would fall off. 

Hense, freeze the balls off a brass monkey!

A bit of cold weather trivia you can share around the watering hole.

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