Saturday, December 17, 2022

Annual Flood Fest 2022...

 Wow! What a great event at the rinks for the IceGuys Annual Flood Fest!

Upper = 27 coats

Lower = 29 coats  (5 coats during FF)

We started flooding the upper ice around 8:15 pm letting the kids have fun on the lower rink. Weather was perfect for the Under 9 year old girls hockey team. Chris and Jill organized the event.

Under 9 yrs old girls hockey team having fun on the ice.

Jill on the right, surprised us iceguys with a basket of cleaning Ales on behalf of the girls team. Thanks!
Sausages on the BBQ.
There was a perfectly good fire 50 ft away, yet the iceguys gathered around the empty pit.
Adrian's father visiting from the U.K. is a natural on the wet end.

Adrian showing off in front of his dad.
Warming up by the fire/inferno.

Team was organized and sharing stories on the hose.
Storm caught us starting the final coat on the lower. West end might be bumpy.

Thanks to everyone for keeping the Rosemont ice the best in the City!

Looks like Sunday we may have some clearing to do.

Keeping the hose on the ice,


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