Monday, December 16, 2019

Let's go again Thursday Night at 8 pm

Thanks to Craig, Kris, Andrew G., Jeff, Matt, Willem,  and Kurt. They laid down 3 coats on the lower and 2 coats on the upper ice tonight.
Upper = 27 coats
Lower = 30 coats

Jeff is took photos of tonight...
 Third and finish coat on the lower. That's Kurt with his hands in the air.
 That's Craig draining the hose over his right shoulder. Classic draining technique.
 Andrew is at the "Wheel" spooling the hose back in the hose room where it's warm.
One Eye at lower left of photo is Jeff in his yellow headlamp toque.
Willem is feeding the hose into the building for Andrew at the "Wheel". Craig in foreground smiling.

We are trying to figure out the last coat before Christmas and Monday Night the 23rd looks like it is the night. Let's do a Christmas cheer that night.

Keeping the hose on the ice,

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