Monday, December 09, 2019

Monday Night Flood...

Big thanks to a Big crew tonight. Bud (Cameo Appearance), Craig, John, Andrew G., Daniel, Matt (The New Guy), and Kurt. We showed Matt the ropes(well hose) on how we do things. He was able to get the whole package. Shovel, snow blowing, scraping, making the Whoopsie Doodles on the upper ice, flooding, reeling up and draining the hose, and trying some new cleansing ales.

Upper = 17 coats
Lower = 18 coats

Temperature was just right and the fire took the edge off.

Photos from tonight...
 Man of the night; Buddy. Still able to lean of the shovel very well.
 Matt, putting on the spare pair of grippers on his boots. Safety First eh?

 Daniel laying down a nice first coat. Andrew behind him second on the hose.
 Craig gave John his shovel. John is showing everyone how to use it.
 'da team warming by the fire.
 Made a few more Whoopsie Doodles.

 Finished up around 11:15 pm and looking real nice.

Keeping the hose on the ice,


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