Saturday, December 14, 2019

2019 Iceguys BBQ / Flood Fest

A perfect night for it!!!
Craig, Bud, Ian, Peter, Jeff, Kris, Andrew G., Andy, Matt, Adrian, Matthew, and Kurt.

It was really nice to meet the families of the Iceguys. Have a skate and BBQ on a cold -15ÂșC evening. We fired up the BBQ about 6 pm and started flooding around 8:30 pm.
We were able to put down 9 coats on the lower ice and 8 coats on the upper, after getting some help from the skaters.
Upper = 25 coats
Lower = 27 coats

A Big Thanks to Spolumbo's Fine Food and Deli for helping us keep the energy we needed to keep flooding til the wee hours with their great sausages.
Of course we need to stay hydrated and the Village Brewery helped to quench our thirst with their cleansing ales.
Rosemont's ice has never been better and we continue to keep the ice in great shape with all of our great volunteers. Merry Christmas and thanks to a great crew.

Village Brewery and Spolumbo's Fine Food and Deli, helping us stay fed and quenched.

 Dan keeping the ice smooth
 Warming up by the fire

 Keeping the hose on the ice.
Very popular before we had to start flooding.

See you all Monday night,

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