Friday, January 25, 2013

Shinny Update from Coach Grant Parks

Last Tuesday night was one of the most fun shinny nights that I can remember. It was a bit colder than it has been for a while (-10C), but it didn’t phase the kids or their steadfast parents one bit. We had 13 kids out. As usual, we started off working on some skills: stopping, parallel turning, parallel turning while carrying the puck and we played a puck control game towards the end of the skills portion of the evening. Our puck control games usually result in us losing piles of pucks. I am not sure if the pucks are accumulating in the snow banks around the rink or whether the kids are surreptitiously pocketing them; nonetheless, pucks escape at a prodigious pace. He he he. A friend of mine from the Predators Hockey Club has donated a case of 100 brand new pucks to the Rosemont Shinny Program. A thank you goes out to John Yarovich for this support. Following the hot chocolate break, we played continuous shinny for one hour with no spares sitting on the sidelines. It was an even match and the kids had a blast. It started to very lightly snow half-way into the shinny game, however, the kids didn’t mind one bit. I tend to stay until the last kid goes home, so the kids get as much shinny in as they want and their parents can handle. It was a fun evening and improvement in all of the kids is obvious already.

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