Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Coach Grant's Shinny Report

We had the first Shinny session of the year tonight and it was great! The ice was in unbelievable shape. I don’t think I have ever seen it better. It was like glass. There were about 19 kids out tonight ranging from about 6 years old to about 12 years old. I would say 50% - 75% of the kids returned from last year. It’s a nice group. Out of the 19 kids about 5 of them were girls. Hockey is definitely continuing to become more popular with girls which is great to see. Todd Layton came out again to be an Assistant Coach. He is a referee with McKnight and is a very good hockey player himself. He is able to teach the kids a strong, fundamental skill set. I won’t be around next Tuesday, but Todd will run the session and Paulina & Danielle will be Assistant Coaches. If Todd can’t make it, Jamie McNaul has offered to stand in. And, as usual, Jean Blackstock has done a great job advertising the Shinny Hockey and has made it all happen. Without her support, there would be no shinny hockey in Rosemont. Take care lads. It was a good first night. Kind Regards, Grant Parks, Pictures by Kurt Westergard.

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