Tuesday, January 01, 2013

January 1st 2012 & January 1st 2013

BLOG report on Sunday January 1st 2012, Biagio, Jamie , & Bud had help cleaning and flooding from Andre, Claire,Kyle & Sean. We added two coats to each rink ,so now we added 42 on upper & 40 on the lower. HAPPY NEW YEARS from the 2011-2012 International Ice Guys Federation. Kurt, Bud, Biagio, Keith, Kris, Grant, Jamie, Andrew, Brad, JR, Ian, Peter, Glenn and new guy Andy Seeger.
BLOG report for Tuesday January 1st 2013, Not a flood night. But we have 61 coats on the upper and 56 on the lower so far.And when we last flooded on Sunday Dec . 31st we had Bud, Austin, Kurt, Keith, Clarke, Brad, and Giuseppe. HAPPY NEW YEARS from 2012-2013 International Ice Guys Federation So Far; Kris, Bud, Keith, Kurt,Ian, Peter, Biagio, Grant, Jamie, Glenn, Andrew, Jeff,Dennis, Brad, Austin, JR, Dale, Andy, Claire, Andrea, Clark and Giuseppe.