Wednesday, December 02, 2009

First Flood of the Season

Attached is a Christmas Card from Tiger Woods.
Tonight ; Bud,Jamie,Kris,Keith,Kirt,(Kurt's Recruit )Dale,Ross,Biagio,Glen,(Jamie's Recruit )Mike,(Bud's Recruit )and Kurt used the board, pull with Bud's wife Sheila's Jimmy, and added some water,we went 7 to 10.We even had the Fire-pit out, Kurt brought Beers and Bud pick up some pizzas.
We hope to have guys out every night at 7 please join us. We are off to a good start.
I also have to mention, Peter bagged all the leaves we had raked away from the rinks,good job Petro.

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Brad (one of the Highwood ice guys) said...

Nice to meet some of the Rosemont Ice crew tonight - send the kids up to Highwood if they're itching for ice, they're more then welcome.