Wednesday, December 09, 2009

More Snow, No flood

-11ºC this evening. The snowing during clearing caused us to delay the flooding tonight.

Bud, Peter, Paulina (Kurt's daughter), and Kurt cleared the ice tonight as the snow kept coming down. Kurt brought his blower down with the help of Bud loading into his truck. Bud and Glenn were down earlier today fixing some things, like a new handle on the hose door and new arms for the lounge chairs. Thanks Bud and Glen!!!

Kris and Biagio showed up and we all discussed the netting brackets to protect the new windows from pucks.

So far, Friday Flood Fest with Spolumbo Sausages at Six PM, we have Kurt, Bud, Peter, Glen, Ian, Biagio, Jamie, Kris.

We need more!!!, Haven't heard from Dennis in a while, Grant has been sick.

Tomorrow is a go and we desperately need help clearing the snow.


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