Monday, December 28, 2009

2008 -2009 attendance update

According to my old records for 2008 and Kurt's records for 2009.
After last night, Dec. 30th, Andrew is 0 last year and 3 this year,Biagio 9-6,Bud 15-16*,Dave 1-0,Dennis 4-5,Elio 4-2,Gord 1-0,Grant 6-1,Ian 1-10,Jamie 7-7,Keith 7-8,Kris 7-9,Kurt 14- 15,Peter 11-7,Mike x-2,Dale 7-4,Ross 6-2,Glenn x-5,Neill x-2,David x-1.
* this guy is the WIENER so far.Kurt does do more, but Bud is older.

Hi-lites: late opening,In 2008,we open on Nov. 28 in 2009 on Dec. 12.
New guys, Mike,(Bud), Neill (Kurt ),Glenn and David (Jamie )Bertha was tuned up and repaired.
Thanks; for Pizzas from Nick's , Sausages from Spolumbo's, Water and Pepsi from Biagio, Firewood from John, Beers from ; Andrew, Jamie, Ian, Peter,Kurt and many others including the Community, Snow blowing from Kurt, Bad jokes from Bud.Thanks to Grant for stepping up to coach the shinny hockey, for the community.
You guy's are DE BEST !