Friday, February 09, 2024

"Let it SNOW!"...

 Holding at 39 coats.

Snow started right at 8 pm as we cleared the lower. So, that was it for the night... No flooding.

Let it snow!

Danny, the new iceguy, is now a full "Rockie". We took the opportunity to bring him into the fold with our initiation ceremony last night. He Passed it...

After we scraped, these two skaters arrived about 9.45 pm and had to shovel the freshly falling snow.

Crosses the finish Line
Running up the hill...with the ribbon.
Danny at the start, he was timed to race up the hill holding a hockey stick and a spool of red ribbon. He was to tie a red ribbon around three trees. It was a timed event, and Danny set a record. (He was the first to ever do the event).
Letting it snow.

Well lets see what happens over the weekend, we may need some help if the snow persists. 

Keeping the hose on the ice,


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