Monday, February 12, 2024

Counting the Days...

 Total 41 Coats on each...

Danny (the official rookie), (who passed the initiation), Craig, Bill, Kris, Adrian and Kurt laid down two coats on each after a light scrape.

Craig started a fire because he likes it, and we needed to stay warm between the two coats tonight.
The official Rookie, Danny on the wet end of the hose doing the lower AND the upper.
Danny making us veterans look bad.
Final coat by Kurt showing the Rookie how to do the "Duggan" technique. The "Duggan" is only rarley used when temperatures are above -10ºC otherwise it doesn't work well. Kris never did like this application, but Kurt was showing Danny "ropes" (in this case the "hose").

Lets keep the hose and shovels on the ice,


Looks like snow Thursday, so lets keep a watchful eye on the weather.

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