Thursday, February 17, 2022

Before Easter, Resurrection...

Upper 38 ice and is not good, toast, bye bye, next year...

Lower 41 coats at -10ºC 

Resurrection is the word!. We almost gave up on the season, but we have another week of weather that is looking good to keep the frozen water together.

Bill, Andrew P., Craig, Chris and Kurt were very happy to find the lower ice was cleared. Peter, and his wife Elizabeth, came down early in the afternoon to blow off the 5" of snow that fell the night before. THANKS!

We put down two coats on the lower and managed to salvage it on the west 2/3rds. The run-off from the parking has left it lumpy. Good news is the drain gate that we have maintained over the winter is working to let the run-off flow down to the creek. Good Idea... I think it was Kris'.

Calgary Flames on the radio and another win. Solid first in the Pacific Division.

Looks to warm to flood tonight, so lets keep on alert for a weekend clear of snow. Sunday may need some help blowing and scraping.

Keeping the hose on the ice,


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