Monday, January 10, 2022

Warmest Day of The Year...

 Posted 3 days ago... -23ºC on Thursday. Tonight plus 3ºC.

So we, Bill, Peter, John, Andrew P., Craig, Chris, Kris, and Kurt did a good clean and scrape for the shinny tomorrow night. Too warm to flood unfortunately. 

John pointed out on Thursday last week that the goalies runners are all busted up. So, Kurt made some new and improved ones with puck board laminated to the bottom. John and Kurt installed tonight. Should be good for years to come.

Not too busy tonight considering the weather is so warm. A skater that we talked to, his name was Marcus, comment how nice our ice is. We told him we make it by hand and he said, "Outdoor rinks with Zambonis aren't as nice"! Great to hear that our hard work is noticed by skaters that appreciate it.

The crew hydrating after a scrape.

Keeping the hose on the ice,


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