Monday, January 31, 2022

Ready for Shinny. Shinny is Cancelled!

Upper = 36 coats

Lower = 37 coats


Big thanks to Chris, Bill, Craig, Peter, and Kurt for laying down 3 COATS on each. Seems like it's been a week of just ONE coat a night due to the warm climate this past week. Barely freezing at night.

Now, a we are getting winter back. Great for the ice, but not for shinny unfortunately. Tuesday, tomorrow, will get to -16ºC, but the wind chill @ -26ºC. Too bad cause the ice looks great. 
Then, the following week is plus+ temperatures again and sun is high in the sky. 

First coat to fill in the cracks.

Parking lot run-off actually levelled out pretty good.
Very focused team tonight, from left to right (cause they are so layered up);

Chris, Craig, Bill, and Peter laying down the first coat on the lower.

Lets go Thursday night at 8 PM and get it ready for the WARM weekend.

Keeping the hose on the ice,



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