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Monday, December 07, 2020

Cold E-nough...

 Well we all met at the Hall and saw a lot of skaters(see below) at 8 pm. We at first decided to let them skate too warm tonight to flood. Our phones all showed 4ºC, but it did feel cooling in the park. So we started chatting about how we are going to social distance our annual Flood Fest on Friday. 

It wasn't until Jeff said we should try one coat that we all took a second look and feel for the temperature.

Weather network says 4ºC


24 Lower

22 Upper

We all grabbed a shovel and met the mob on the lower ice to inform them that we are indeed flooding tonight.  (again, Jeff's suggestion)

Photo taken approximately 7:55 pm. Notice the lower is white with "skate snow"

Scraping the lower for a quality ONE coat.

Back row Left to Right; Craig, Grant, Dan, Jeff, Chris, Glen
Front row Left to Right; Bill, Peter, Russel, Adrian
Photographer not shown; Kurt

Social distancing all night...

Thumbs up to keeping the ice alive!


Keeping the hose on the ice,


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