Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Message From Grant...

After Monday's flood, Grant lead the shinny program last night and he wanted me to pass on a BIG thank you to us.
He would like to give a shout of thanks for our work. "The ice was excellent"; Grant said, and the 17 kids ranging from the age of six to eight years on in this year's program. This is the youngest group he has ever seen. As well, there are 4 alumni from the program who have joined him as coaches to help out: Danielle, Paulina, Lucas, and Spencer. He said, "It's very rewarding to see former participants giving back to the program. Grant wanted me to share this with you.

It is great to see our hard work paying off in the learning process of the kids. You should all be proud!

Thursday's flood doesn't look good with the increase temperatures over the week. But it's Calgary, so you never know.


Title: "Postcap"  Photographer: Kurt Westergard, copyright ™ 2016

I took advantage of the warm weather and grabbed the camera pointed the truck west. I took this shot near Priddis today.