Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Great Night for IT!

Well it turned out to be a great night for flooding. Well maybe the only night this week... we'll see.
Last night Ian, Claire, Keith, Biagio, Craig, John and I threw done 3 coats on each sheet.
The weather was just right.

We had to get the blower out to clean up the edges that were piling up from shoveling due to the "civilians" just pushing snow to the edge.  The blower, even as new as it is, might need to get the auger button looked at.  I was down this morning checking out the wires to the button and all looks good. It could be the motor is faulty. Old "Bertha" had a hand crank that worked for 20 years.

See you Thursday if just for a scrape.


Saw this stranger down there this morning.